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Automatic Hydraulic Ceramic Water-permeable Plaza Tile Presses
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Presented by Fujian Haiyuan Automatic Equipments Co., Ltd. (Haiyuan), Haiyuan Ecological Water Permeable Plaza Tile are the new generation innovative products of environment-friendly ceramic and building materials. With its advanced strategic vision, Haiyuan aims to solve problems such as city ground hardening, water and soil moisture conservation, atmospheric circulation in natural ecology in order to ensure high quality of living environment and keep ecological balance. Since the products adopt the raw materials of slag, waste of ceramic tile, and cullet to sinter at high temperature, they gain the advantages of water permeability, water retentivity, skid resistance, high strength, cold resistance and weathering resistance. As a kind of environment-friendly product and engineering recommended building materials, the ceramic plaza tiles have already passed the inspections and tests of China National Quality Inspection and Testing Center. By reaching the international top level, their performance parameters meet or overstep the similar products from overseas. The products are widely applied in public building plaza, urban roads, subway, stations, highway, villas, communities, parks, landscapes, and yard decoration, etc.
To produce bricks by utilizing ceramic castoff as raw materials requires specific technics and formula as well as equipment with high performance. Depending on over 20 years technical experience and absorbing the advance technologies from overseas, Haiyuan is the first equipment manufacturer in China that has developed the production line of environment-friendly permeable ceramic plaza tile. With the outstanding advantages of lower investment, higher automatization, more reliable quality and lower operating cost, the production line has promoted the production progress of Chinese domestic new style permeable ceramic plaza tile, which brings about a technical renovation in the field of ceramic products.
The highly technicl performance of the production line helps the key working procedures to realize automatic, accurate and highly efficient control in production. Compared with the foreign like products, Haiyuan's production line has maximized its cost performance. The technologies of the key equipments reach high reliability. By establishing a long-term strategic partnership with authoritative research units, Haiyuan can design its production lines with distinct technical solution and parameters according to distinct requirements from its customers in order to deliver efficiently technical support.