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Automatic LFT - D production line
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Applied to SMC, DMC, GMT, LFT-D thermosetting molding of thermoplastic composites. Such products are widely used in the field of ship, automotive, construction, petrochemical, energy, building materials, electrical appliances, electronic communications, rail transportation, aerospace and aviation. With high efficiency, high reliability and low power consumption advantages.

Haiyuan acquisition of advanced technology and brand from Eupropean TERENZIO

Haiyuan completed cooperation agreement with European PERSICO company and technology transfer. The cooperating is also included 70 years long history hydraulic press technology and part of some country’s brand TERENZIO ownership.

The parallelism system technology enhance Haiyuan HE series hydraulic press quality and overall competitiveness in the world. 


Dynamic Parallelisim System paterned Technology:

Using of high-precision displacement sensor, high-frequency response of the servo valve, five-axis synchronization control active leveling, full working table four corners of the leveling accuracy will be up to ± 0.05mm solve due the molded articles asymmetry caused by the partial load and large flat product thickness deviation and other technical problems. It can meet the mold spray (IMC), parallelsim to demolding process requirements