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Refractory materials related equipment
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HC series presses are the fairly elite mechanical equipments with the integration of mechanics, electronics, and hydraulics, controlled by PLC, consisted of major structure, feeding system, hydraulic pumping station, electronic control system, and mould-changing device, which can automatically complete the work of feeding, suppressing, demoulding, clamping and oil spray in the process of suppression so as to achieve the production valued of high efficiency of suppression, high desity of green brick, good stability of quality, safety, environmental protection, and energy-saving, which will fundamentally solve the problems of instability of the product quality of the refractory material presses. HC series refractory material presses have their unique advantage of high performance-price ratio, high-tech and the critical breakthrough technology of bidirectional pressurization and hydrostatic pressure forming, the quality has been significantly improved. Totally about 100 presses has been sold to market up to now which included the exportation.



Energy saving, safety, and environmental protection

The product quality improved significantly

Daily output of the refractory bricks is from 50-70 tons

The labor-saving is 20 people for each press in the equivalent of yield and time.